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Unsolicited Customer Comments

Below you will find some of the testimonials we have received from happy users over the years.

"...I am very pleased. I really like the simplicity, adaptablity and affordability of your products and services."

-S.H., PMaint with customizations user

"Tell your programmer (s)he did a great job!"

A.Z., Books Program user

"We think your program is super. We can track all our keys and personnel with ease. By far the best program for key control. And what a price!!"

-R.E., Keys Program user

"I just got done creating the sheets to do the labels for evaluations at the conference - WOW - and have I told you lately that you are a genius? Thank you. Instead of 4 hours - it took me - 5 minutes!!!"

S.S., custom programming client

"I would like to congratulate you on your service with your very prompt replies (I am not used to it) Thank you very much and I will give my recommendations any time"

N.M., Stamp Tracker user

"I just wanted to update you on your great customer service.... It went so slick and easy that I was amazed..... I was very afraid that all my years of book records was lost. Thank you so very much for coming through even tho I had made my program purchase a long time ago. I really appreciate your going that extra bit to help out a customer. CyberNiche is the greatest."

-R.E.P., Books Program user

" ...program does EXACTLY what I need! Thank you."

-R.P., Keys Program user

"I have looked at many products and have been overwhelmed by how complex (they are) to use. I really liked the user-friendly aspect of your program, straight forward, and nothing too fancy."

-D.T., Request Tracker user

"...your app appears to be precisely what we need to track request from our member agencies."

-D.W., Request Tracker user

"I chose NOT to use the other (company's) program as it was a) much more expensive and b) a lot more complicated to move about onscreen."

-J.W.S., Books Program user

"...Order/Auction Tracker and love it. It's a great program."

-A.S., Order/Auction Tracker user

"I like the program real well and I will be running a greenhouse this year and we start all our seed from veg. to flowers and this program looks like it will help me greatly."

-B.T., Seed Program user

"...this is a pretty cool program."

-S.G., Seed Program user

"I think this is a really handy program."

-G.P., Seed Program user

"It is easy to use...."

-V.G., Stamp Tracker user

"Thank YOU for such a turbo charged turn around: that's what I call customer service! Many thanks."

-R.H., Seed Program user

"Nice program."

S.F. MD, LabLetter user

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