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Stamp Tracker

Stamp Tracker is a simple but powerful database program for stamp collectors to use for cataloging their collection of stamps. Thirty different data fields allow you to store detailed information about each stamp, including country, description, cancellation type and topic. A Quantity field makes it easy to track how many stamps you have of each type if there are duplicates in your collection. Many details can be entered quickly with pop-down lists, and you may customize the options available on the lists. Separate fields allow you to track what you paid for each stamp, its catalog value and the price you sold it for. A notes field and miscellaneous fields allow you to enter additional information that is important to you.

The program produces a variety of standard reports and you have the option to create completely customized reports containing the exact information you are interested in. All reports can be viewed on the screen, printed, saved to a text file to export your data, or used to generate an html table for putting information about your collection on the Web.

Stamp Tracker is easy enough for stamp collectors with any level of computer experience to use. Detailed online, context sensitive help is available throughout the program. An uninstall option is provided.

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