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Robin T. wrote:

"Hi Frit, yes i've heard you mention the seed program and am going to check it out. speaking of that, can you use it or does anybody suggest something similar for plants? i've got a little old recipe box with everything on file cards, but it's just getting out of control. i grow too darn much stuff, wouldn't it be great to be able to track everything? as usually i have to try two or three different locations for anything vaguely marginal, due to my altitude and climate. then i forget! thanks, robin"


"Robin, the seed program is software, a database for your own seeds. You enter your OWN seed information in it. See, instead of your recipe box or my garden records booklet, the seed program lets you enter info from each seed, then it automatically goes where it should in a database within the program. You can pull up any info you want, such as WHAT SEEDS SHOULD I SOW TODAY, or WHAT WILL BE BLOOMING ON JULY 17th, or WHICH PLANTS SHOULD I PLANT OVER HERE IN THE SHADE, or WHICH PLANTS WILL DO GOOD IN THIS DRY AREA.... all pulled from information on the seeds you have entered into the database and started in your own greenhouse. I have found that seed germination/blooming dates vary a bit (in my own area) from the directions on the packets, and change the data accordingly. If a plant blooms 2 weeks later than I want it to (by using the data off a seed packet), I change the database for that seed to start it 2 weeks earlier the following year. It was just getting out of hand to keep track of the 200 some different seeds I have started and the pages in my booklet were getting really thin from erasing from year to year, not to mention that I had to start over when a page filled, even though I had left PLENTY of room for new entries *lol*

I have to admit, one of my main arguments for getting a computer was to be able to sort seeds in some kind of a database where I could enter what I wanted, for example, to enter a date and for a program to list the seeds I need to sow on any entered date. I used excel, but figuring out how to set it up for my needs was a pain, and I never did get a really nice system figured out on my own. This Seed Program made it simple. Well, like I said, this is something I found on the net, and just wanted to share the info. I cannot imagine why ANYONE who has a greenhouse would not want this software.

The first paragraph on the site explains the program better than I did. You can read it yourself: While I am sure there are other ways, I can't imagine any being easier."

JSF aka "Frit"

Frit's Farm

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