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Seed Program Growing Hints

The Seed Program contains extensive information on a wide variety of vegetable and herb crops, and allows you to customize and add any additional crops you wish.

Here are samples of growing hints that come with the program.

Alpine Strawberries Caraway Dill
Amaranth Carrots Eggplant
Anise Cauliflower Endive
Artichoke Celeriac Fennel
Basil Celery Garden Huckleberry
Beans Chervil Kale
Beets Chinese Cabbage Kohlrabi
Borage Chives Lavender
Broccoli Corriander Leeks
Brussels Sprouts Corn Bonus: Tomatoes
Cabbage Cucumber Register for More!

For more crops, more complete gardening information, a garden journal and a planting schedule you can customize for your region, purchase The Seed Program!

After trying the evaluation version, come back and register securely for just $25.00!

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