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This is one of the many growing hints that are available as a bonus with a registered copy of The Seed Program.


Beets are an easy to grow, productive crop that is bothered by few insects or diseases. Beets are usually planted directly out in the garden very early in spring. They perform best in cool weather, sometimes getting tough in the heat of summer.

For fastest germination, soak the seeds in water for several hours before planting. The beet "seed" is actually a small fruit that contains several seeds. This makes it essential to thin the plants, as a number of plants will often sprout very close together. The thinned plants can sometimes be transplanted successfully, but it is tempting to harvest the thinnings for the leaves. The leaves of young beet plants are a mild and delicious salad green.

Leaf miners can sometimes infest beets, leaving whitish trails and damaging the leaves. The extent of the problem is seldom great, and usually only a nuisance if the leaves are to be harvested. Covering the plants with a floating row cover will keep the pests out. Row covers can be left on indefinitely, as there is no need for beets to be pollinated.

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