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This is one of the many growing hints that are available as a bonus with a registered copy of The Seed Program.


Anise is an annual herb whose leaves and seeds have a licorice flavor. The plants do not tolerate cold weather, and should be planted after danger of frost has passed. Anise plants develop a long taproot and are very difficult to transplant.

Anise plants are also bothered by alternating dry and wet periods, so it is helpful to mulch them when they are an inch or two high in order to keep soil moisture steady. Because the plants do not compete well when crowded, a mulch is also helpful for keeping weeds down.

The leaves can be harvested at any time for salads or for use in cooking. The plants require a long growing season of 100 days or more to produce a crop of seeds. Once the seeds ripen, they will start to fall off the plant and scatter. It is best to cut the seed heads off when the seeds are starting to turn brown, and place them in a paper bag to dry. When dry, shake the seeds off, winnow to remove bits of stem and allow them to dry again before storing them. Store the seed in an airtight jar once it has dried.

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