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This is one of the many growing hints that are available as a bonus with a registered copy of The Seed Program.


Coriander is a versatile, mild flavored herb that is quite easy to grow in the garden. The leaves of plants that have not yet formed seeds are also used as a seasoning called cilantro. The leaves give off a strong odor that is offensive to some but is used as an ingredient in authentic mexican salsa.

The large seeds are actually small fruits. They are planted right out in the garden after danger of frost is past. Coriander plants go to seed quickly, so if you want to use the young leaves at the time that tomatoes and peppers are ripe, you will need to plant some more in early or mid summer. The small white flowers attract bees and other beneficial insects, so it is a nice plant to have in the middle of your vegetable garden.

The seeds are ready to harvest when they begin to turn brown. You may need to cut off the tops of the plants and take them indoors to ripen if you want to harvest as many seeds as possible, but this is usually not necessary. Enough seeds will fall in the garden to cause a few volunteers to grow the following year, but these are not numerous enough to make the plant a bothersome weed. The seed will have a very strong odor at first, but this will soften and become more lemony when the seed is thoroughly dry.

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