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This is one of the many growing hints that are available as a bonus with a registered copy of The Seed Program.


Chervil is an herb with a delicate anisette flavor that compliments many foods, and is often used as a seasoning for fish. It is also tasty added to salads. Chervil grows best in cool weather, so should be planted in early spring or in late summer for a fall crop.

Chervil does not transplant well, so it is best to plant it right out in the herb or vegetable garden. Chervil seed needs light and moisture to germinate, conditions which can be a challenge to provide. The best way is to make a shallow furrow about an inch deep, and press the seeds into the bottom. Mist or gently water the seed bed frequently until the seedlings emerge. Once the plants are a few inches tall, mulch to provide the cool moist soil that the plant appreciates. Plants started in the fall will usually survive the winter to provide an early spring crop. Chervil seeds do not store well, so it is best to start out with fresh seed each season. The mild flavor does not stand up well to drying, so this is one herb that is best used fresh from the garden.

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