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Caraway is best known for the spicy seed used in rye bread, but all parts of the plant can be used for seasoning, and have a mild anise or licorice flavor.

Caraway is usually grown as a biennial, put a crop of seeds can be obtained in less than a year if it is planted in the fall and left to overwinter. The plants put down a long taproot, so it is best to plant it right out in the garden rather than trying to transplant it. The plants have fine feathery foliage that resembles dill. Caraway appreciates steady moisture and competes poorly with weeds, so a mulch is helpful, but wait until the plant is a few inches high before trying to mulch it.

Small white flowers appear the second year and are followed by seeds. The seeds scatter easily as they mature, so it is best to cut the plants and place them in a paper bag when the first seeds have turned brown. When dry, the seeds will usually fall of, but rub them gently and winnow to remove bits of leaf if necessary. When the seeds are thoroughly dry and hard, place them in a tightly sealed container for storage.

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