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Privacy Policy Statement

At CyberNiche Software, we respect your need for privacy and keep any information that you share with us in confidence. We are bothered by spam and unsolicited phone calls as much as you are, and we do what we can to discourage these practices. We record your personal information only if you provide it to us when placing an order or expressing an interest in one of our products. We do not share this information with any third parties.

No spammer will get your e-mail address from us.

No junk mailer will get your postal address from us.

No phone solicitors will get your phone number from us.

What will we do with your information? We will call you only if you contact us with a question and ask for a return call, or if you have placed an order and there is a problem processing your order or your payment. We prefer to communicate by e-mail even in these cases. We will not call you and try to sell you something.

We may use your e-mail address to notify you about upgrades when a new version of a program becomes available, if you have purchased the program or expressed an interest in it. We may use your e-mail address to tell you about a new program if we think that you might be interested in it. These messages will be infrequent -- typically, no more than once or twice a year. If even that is too much, let us know and we will respect your wishes.

In short, we use your personal information only to serve you better. We want you to be comfortable contacting us or placing an order with us. We want you to be confident that placing an order will not unleash a barrage of phone calls or spam.

If you have any questions, about this privacy statement or anything else, please let us know.

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