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PMaint Preventive Maintenance Scheduler

PMaint allows you to quickly and easily build a database of regularly occurring preventive maintenance tasks that need to be performed for your business. Record exactly what work needs to be done, how the work should be performed, how frequently and at what times. Printing work orders with these details allows you to delegate this work to your staff, with the specific instructions that should be followed to get work done.

PMaint will also allow you to keep track of what work has been completed and what still needs to be done. Keep track of who performed the work, who inspected the completed work and how much time was required.

The information you enter may be easily recalled and viewed on the screen, or printed through a variety of reports. A custom reporting option is also included, making it easy to create reports containing just the information you want. Context sensitive help (press F1) is available throughout the program to help you use the database in the most efficient manner.

Version 3.0 now available!
This major upgrade introduces an interactive list of task assignments for quickly and easily getting an overview of current work and finding the right record. Changes to the assignment maintenance window allows easier access to seldom used task history. A "Terminated" option for employees and managers allows you to flag individuals who are no longer with your company.

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