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Judicial Offense Tracker

New in Judicial Offense Tracker 2.0: Judicial Offense Tracker now employs an Access format database for improved networking and to give you even more options for ad hoc reporting and data export. Judicial Offense Tracker 2.0 also features a redesigned interface with larger fields that make information clearer and more accessible. New data fields provide easier tracking of multiple witness accounts.

Judicial Offense Tracker for Windows, an easy to use database for judicial officers and judicial affairs offices at schools, colleges and universities to track student cases. It can also be used by any organization that needs to track offences committed by people and the resulting penalties. Judicial Offense Tracker is the ideal solution for the judicial officer with a large number of cases to keep on top of. Keep case details at your fingertips and take prompt action when sanctions are not completed on time or fines are not paid.

Judicial Offense Tracker will store all pertinent information about the people you are responsible for, including address, phone, birth date and much more. Enter personal information manually or use the provided import option to load information from a different database system.

Quickly enter new cases and record such information as incident date, who reported the incident, hearing details, appeal details and more. Use a predefined list of charges and sanctions, or define your own list of the charges and sanctions that are used by your school. Judicial Offense Tracker allows you to quickly access the details on any specific case, or all cases for a specific student, without digging through paper files. Search for cases by student name, case number or any other available data field.

Cases and students may be categorized in a number of different ways. A variety of reports are available, with options to focus reports on a specific category of case or a certain period of time. Summary reports allow you to easily compile the statistics you need to report. Limit reports by date to compare activity from one semester to another, or one year to another.

Detailed online help is available throughout Judicial Offense Tracker and a tutorial is provided for new users or new staff members to quickly get up to speed on how to use the program. If your office has any unique requirements that are not met by the base application, CyberNiche Software can customize Judicial Offense Tracker to add any additional functionality you may need.

Judicial Offense Tracker can be run from a single PC, or run from your network server to provide multiple users with shared access to the database. Judicial Offense Tracker will run on Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP.

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